As a rounded freelancer, I offer a variety of services. Whether you're a new business owner, musician, or looking to expand your already established organization, the services I offer are unique to your needs.

Print Media

Event posters, flyers and vinyl banners, album artwork and packaging design. Having worked in a four color print shop, I have an intimate knowledge of setup process and filetypes, as well as materials and logistics. From concept to completion, I can take care of mechanicals for large documents, short run marketing collateral, and special process like spot UV, metallics, and die cut.

Web Design

Fully integrated website development including content management systems, ad banners, media placement, and newsletters. Wordpress is awesome, but I also hand-code HTML and CSS for a completely unique design, letting the CMS do it's job, and focusing on bringing your vision into reality.

Branding Systems

A logo is your company's recognizable brand mark. Consistent branding presents consistent professionalism for your band, business, independent movie, or non-profit startup. From your vision concept to a unique brand mark, in applications in print and on the web. Work with photographers and copywriters on your project, offers you an agency experience at a freelancer's price. Small urban farm looking to break into the restaurant market? Local business needs an update? I can definitely help you with your strategy, and help take your vision to the next level.

Social Media Profiles

Development of social media profiles can be frustrating. Making them all talk to each other is another thing altogether. With uniform profiles across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, Flikr, or any other API based app, each user base gets a consistent understanding of your brand - increasing the overall reach. This includes seamless integration for a website and congruent branding across all profiles, custom tabs with iFrame content, updating, building, and optimizing new imagery, and building a fan base from organic growth and original content.

Strategy and Creative Consulting

My background in marketing has given me insight into what works and what doesn't work. I've developed strategy platforms for companies like Verizon, Netflix, Orbitz, Universal, New Chapter, Disney, and typically, it takes five great ideas to come to one final pitch. My process includes pre-planning concepts, execution that may involve multiple creative fields, and a long-term strategy for building and maintaining a loyal clientele base with everything from quick starters to tent pole ideas that build a complete circus.