"The World of Weezy" from the Mind of Louise Leonard

Link: The World of Weezy


  1. Branding Development
  2. Business Cards
  3. Wordpress Web Development


Louise Leonard is an amazingly creative food stylist and chef. She won ABC's The Taste Season 2 and was a pleasure to work with. She is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and now spends most of her days in New York and Los Angeles. Her interests include travel and food, making food, cats (as pets), travel and artisanal drinks, dirt cheap beer and local watering holes, and unusual experiences - including getting married in a parade walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. She needed branding to capture all of that.

The process started with gathering imagery and reference for Louise's interests. I made some logos that looks like beer labels, some that were reminded her of the Yankees, and some that were in the "circus" bucket. I utilized the "retro" color palate that was presented in initial conversations.

With logo and colors set, I could build a business card for the client.

I also offer a knowledge of materials, logistics, and production to my clients, Having worked in a print house with offset printing directly after college, I've continued to build relationships with vendors and the latest techniques.

As for functionality, Louise wanted food and drink recipes, a bar map, calendar, and to showcase her food styling in a gallery. This was completed in 2014, and even then I was designing sites to be mobile first.