Research and development for your website is crucial. For instance, who is your competition, what is the mission of your organization, and what is the goal of your web presence? These are some basics that I explore in discovering the perfect digital and web solutions.


It takes work. It takes versions and communication to bring you the very best result, and I am committed to creating the best result for you. Ultimately, this is your vision, and I have tools to bring that to life.


Setting up content management, creating assets, and coding are turned into a website that looks great on all devices. For digital assets, I provide nearly every filetype known to man, and make sure that each channel you are using (YouTube, Facebook Pages, Instagram, Twitter, Meetup, Google, etc. and print collateral like business cards and letterheads) is synced to your brand so it looks and feels like the same organization everywhere. This is one component of trust and professionalism you are building with the people that already know you, and more so for the people you are targeting.

Platforms used:

Wordpress, Bootstrap, Squarespace, Drupal, Hand-coded HTML, CSS